Mastering iTop PDF: Tips and Tricks

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You’ve been using iTop PDF for a while now and feel pretty comfortable with the basics. But are you truly getting the most out of this powerful PDF editing software? There are many features and functions in iTop that can save you time, improve the quality of your PDFs, and make your work more efficient. This article provides some of the top tips and tricks for mastering iTop PDF. Whether you’re creating PDFs from scratch, editing existing files, or just trying to streamline your workflow, these pro tips will take your iTop skills to the next level. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll be an iTop PDF ninja, ready to put these techniques into practice. So grab your stylus or mouse, fire up iTop, and let’s get started. The shortcuts and secrets within will transform how you work with PDFs.

What Is iTop PDF? An Overview of Features

iTop PDF is a free PDF editor that lets you easily edit and convert PDF files on your desktop computer. With its simple and intuitive interface, you’ll be modifying PDFs in no time.

Some of the useful things you can do with iTop PDF include:

  1. Edit text – Change the text in your PDF by adding, deleting, or modifying it. You can even change the font, size, and color.
  2. Add images – Insert, crop, resize, and move images in your PDFs.
  3. Add links – Make parts of your PDF clickable by adding hyperlinks.
  4. Add forms – Create fillable forms in your PDFs like text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, and dropdown lists.
  5. Sign PDFs – Add your electronic signature to documents using an image, drawing, or typing it out.
  6. Convert PDFs – Easily convert PDFs to and from Microsoft Office formats like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can also convert PDFs to image formats such as JPG.

With iTop PDF, you have a straightforward yet capable tool to make simple edits to your PDF files or more complex changes like adding interactive fillable forms. And because it’s free to download and use, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try. Why not download iTop PDF today and see how much easier it can make working with your PDF documents?

Top Tips for Using iTop PDF Efficiently

To get the most out of iTop PDF, follow these top tips:

Use the Annotation and Markup Tools

iTop PDF offers powerful annotation features like highlighting essential passages, adding comments, drawing shapes, and more. Take advantage of these tools to actively engage with your documents.

Create and Use Bookmarks

Bookmark sections or pages you reference frequently for easy access later. You can even create hierarchical bookmark folders to keep everything organized.

Search Within Documents

The built-in search feature allows you to quickly find any word or phrase within your PDFs. Just enter your search term and iTop PDF will highlight all matches, so you never lose your place.

Fill Out and Sign Forms

You can quickly fill out PDF forms, sign documents digitally, and save frequently used signatures for one-click form signing. No more printing, scanning, and re-uploading – do it all electronically with iTop PDF.

Compress Large Files

If you have high-resolution images or scans in your PDFs, the file size can become quite large. Use the compression tool to shrink the file size of your PDFs and make them more web-friendly while preserving image quality.

Convert Other Files to PDF

Need to convert a Word doc, image, or web page into a PDF? iTop PDF makes it simple. Just open the file in iTop PDF and save it as a PDF. Your new PDF will look just like the original and will work on any device.

With these useful tips, you’ll be mastering iTop PDF in no time and unlocking the full power of this versatile PDF software solution. Happy reading and annotating!

Advanced Techniques: Master PDF Editing With iTop

Once you’ve mastered the basics of using iTop PDF, it’s time to explore some of the more advanced features. Here are a few tips and tricks to take your PDF editing skills to the next level.

Add Watermarks

Adding a watermark to your PDF, like “Confidential” or “Draft”, can help identify the document’s status or purpose. In iTop PDF, select “Watermark” from the “Edit” menu. Choose a text or image watermark and customize the size, rotation, and opacity. The watermark will appear faded in the background of your PDF.

Redact Sensitive Information

If your PDF contains sensitive data like social security numbers, account numbers, or signatures, you’ll want to redact that information before sharing the file. In iTop PDF, select the “Redact” tool, then drag over the content you want to redact. The selected area will be covered with an opaque black box. Adjust the size and shape as needed.

Add or Edit Form Fields

To make your PDF interactive, add form fields like text boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, or dropdown lists. Then others can fill in and submit the form electronically. In iTop PDF, select “Form” from the top menu, then choose the field type you want to add. Drag over the area you want the field to appear. You can also edit existing form fields by right-clicking them.

Add Page Numbers

If your PDF spans multiple pages, add automatic page numbering for more straightforward navigation. In iTop PDF, select “Page Numbering” from the “Insert” menu. Choose the page number position and style, then click “Apply to Document.” Page numbers will be added sequentially throughout your PDF.

Add Headers and Footers

Adding headers and footers is an easy way to make your PDF look more professional. They appear at the top and bottom of each page, outside of the main content area. In iTop PDF, select “Header & Footer” from the “Insert” menu. Enter the header text, and footer text, or add fields like the date, page number, or file name. The headers and footers will be added to every page in the PDF.


Now that you’ve read through some of the top tips and tricks for mastering iTop PDF, you’re well on your way to becoming an expert. With practice and patience, you’ll be creating, editing, and manipulating PDFs in no time. Remember, start with the basics and work your way up to the more advanced features. Don’t get frustrated if you make a mistake – we all do, just use the handy undo feature. Most importantly, have fun with it! PDFs don’t have to be boring. Get creative with your files by adding images, hyperlinks, bookmarks, and more. Unleash your inner graphic designer. You’ve got this! Soon you’ll be creating interactive PDFs that wow your coworkers and clients. Keep learning and stay up to date with the latest iTop PDF updates. The possibilities are endless.

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