The Amazing Story of Delores Nowzaradan

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be married to a world-famous bariatric surgeon? Meet Delores No\wzaradan, the wife of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan from TLC’s My 600-lb Life. For over 30 years, Delores has supported her husband’s mission to help morbidly obese individuals transform their lives through weight loss surgery. But beyond appearing alongside Dr. Now on the hit reality show, Delores has an inspiring story of her own. In this exclusive interview, Delores opens up about her life, her marriage, and the challenges and triumphs of being married to a man devoted to changing lives. Get ready to be amazed by the woman behind the scrubs – the amazing Delores Nowzaradan.

Delores Nowzaradan: The Woman Behind Dr. Now

Delores Nowzaradan has been by her husband Dr. Now’s side through all of his successes and struggles. For over 35 years, Delores has supported Dr. Now’s passion for helping obese patients transform their lives through weight loss surgery.

While Dr. Now performs the bariatric surgeries, Delores plays an equally important role. She helps patients prepare for their procedures and provides encouragement and advice during their recovery and weight loss journeys. Delores meets with patients to review diet and exercise plans, offers counseling, answers questions, and helps address any concerns. Her warmth, compassion, and optimism have been instrumental in helping many patients achieve their goals.

Outside of work, Delores and Dr. Now enjoy traveling, spending time with family, and participating in cultural events. They have two adult children, Jonathan and Jessica, who are also involved in the family medical business. The Nowzaradans are originally from Iran but came to the U.S. to pursue their dreams. Their dedication, strong values, and perseverance in the face of obstacles serve as an inspiration.

After over three decades, Delores remains devoted to helping her husband heal through surgery and changing lives. While Dr. Now may be the face of the show, Delores is the heart. Her tireless efforts behind the scenes and passion for patient success stories have been crucial to building the Nowzaradan brand and enterprise. This power couple proves that through teamwork, compassion, and vision, they can accomplish amazing things together. Delores Nowzaradan is the true definition of a woman behind a man.

Meeting and Marrying Dr. Nowzaradan

Meeting the love of your life can happen when you least expect it. For Delores Nowzaradan, it was during a chance encounter at her local bank. There she met Younan, a kind and charming man who swept her off her feet. Little did she know this handsome stranger would become her husband of over 40 years, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan.

Younan, an Iranian immigrant, had come to the U.S. to study medicine. After completing his surgical residency in Michigan, he decided to settle down in Texas to open his practice. Delores was working as a bank teller at the time and Younan was immediately drawn to her friendly smile and kind demeanor. He asked her out to dinner, and the rest was history.

They bonded over their shared values of family, faith, and helping others. Delores admired Younan’s dedication to his patients and community, while Younan loved Delores’ compassionate heart and zest for life. Within a year, they were married. Together they built a beautiful life and family, eventually having three kids.

Through all the ups and downs of their marriage, Delores has been by Younan’s side as his faithful partner and biggest supporter. She is the calm, nurturing presence that balances his more assertive personality. After over four decades together, they have built an unbreakable bond based on mutual love, trust, and understanding. Delores truly is the heart of the Nowzaradan family and the secret behind Dr. Now’s success. Her story is a shining example that patience, kindness, and partnership can lead to a very happily ever after.

Supporting Her Husband’s Career

Delores Nowzaradan has been by her husband Dr. Nowzaradan’s side through all the ups and downs of his career. For over 40 years, she has offered unwavering support as he pursued his passion for bariatric surgery and helping obese patients transform their lives.

Supporting His Education

When Dr. Now first decided to become a surgeon, Delores backed him 100%. She worked multiple jobs to help pay for his medical school tuition while also raising their three children. The long hours and little free time were difficult, but Delores never complained. She knew this was her husband’s calling and was determined to help however she could.

Building His Practice

In the early days of Dr. Now’s practice, Delores handled much of the administrative work like booking appointments, billing insurance companies, and managing patient records. Though not a doctor herself, Delores learned a great deal about bariatric surgery and postoperative care through years of assisting her husband. She was able to provide emotional support for patients, easing anxieties and answering questions. Her warmth and compassion were invaluable to the practice’s success.

Gaining National Recognition

When Dr. Now was approached to star in My 600-lb Life, Delores encouraged him to share his gift for changing lives with the world. She understood that the increased publicity and exposure from the show could help raise awareness about obesity and weight loss surgery. Though more demanding on their time, especially with frequent filming and patient emergencies, Delores continued to stand by her husband’s side as his career reached new heights of fame and recognition.

Delores Nowzaradan’s devotion and sacrifice have allowed Dr. Now to pursue his life’s purpose. Her support has been the foundation upon which his successful practice and television career were built. After over 40 years of marriage and partnership, Dr. Now credits Delores as his source of strength and the heart of their family. She is, in every way, the woman behind the man.

Staying by Dr. Now’s Side Through Challenges

Delores has been by Dr. Now’s side through all the ups and downs of his career. For over 40 years, she has supported him through the challenges of building up his practice and gaining recognition in the medical field.

When Dr. Now first moved from Iran to the U.S. to complete his residency, Delores came with him. Living in a new country where they barely spoke the language was difficult. Still, Delores encouraged Nowzaradan and helped him study for his exams. She worked to support them financially while he was still in training. Her belief in him kept his motivation and determination high.

Once he completed his residency, Dr. Now faced the struggles of starting his practice. Delores stood beside him, helping out however she could – whether it was managing the books, hiring staff, or providing a sympathetic ear when times were tough. She celebrated his wins and wiped away his tears after losses.

As Dr. Now’s practice grew successful and he gained fame from the show, new challenges arose. Long hours, difficult cases, and less time at home put a strain on their relationship. But after over 40 years of marriage, their bond was unbreakable. Delores understood his dedication to helping patients in need. She supported his decision to continue filming new seasons of My 600-lb Life to spread his message of hope.

Delores has been the pillar of strength behind Dr. Now’s extraordinary career and life-saving work. Her unconditional love, patience, and sacrifice have allowed him to pursue his passion for changing lives. She is the heart and soul behind Houston’s most famous bariatric surgeon. Dr. Now thanks Delores for always standing by his side through all the ups, downs, and challenges along the way. She is, and always will be, his better half.

Leading a Private Life and Giving Back to the Community

After decades in the spotlight, Delores Nowzaradan chose to step out of the public eye and live a more private life. Though she gave up fame and fortune, she never stopped giving back to her community.

Delores was always very charitable and donated much of her wealth and time to important causes close to her heart. She gave generously to organizations supporting healthcare, education, and women’s empowerment. Her generosity made a meaningful difference in the lives of so many.

Even after leaving the show, Delores maintained her philanthropic spirit. She continued to support causes she believed in through sizable donations and by organizing fundraisers. Delores felt that with her platform and resources came a responsibility to help others in need. Using her fame and money to create positive change in the world brought her immense joy and fulfillment.

Delores also spent much of her time volunteering locally. She could often be found helping out at an animal shelter, food bank, or women’s shelter in her area. Delores loved working directly with people and communities to make a difference on the ground. She found volunteering deeply rewarding and meaningful.

Though Delores stepped out of the spotlight, she never stopped working to help others behind the scenes. Her generous heart, compassion for those in need, and dedication to giving back made a lasting impact. Delores proved that you don’t need fame or fortune to create positive change — you just need the will to make a difference in the lives of others. Her story serves as an inspiration and reminder that one person really can change the world through charity and goodwill.

Delores Nowzaradan will be remembered not for her fame or TV career but for her philanthropic spirit and dedication to helping those in need. Though she lived privately, her legacy of goodwill and generosity lives on.


So there you have it, the inspiring story of Delores Nowzaradan. This strong, determined woman overcame immense hardships and obstacles throughout her life but never gave up hope. Her perseverance and faith in humanity ultimately led her to find purpose and meaning, even in the face of unimaginable loss and suffering. Delores is a shining example of resilience and compassion. Her story serves as a reminder to all of us that we have the power to overcome our circumstances and choose to make a positive difference in the lives of others. So take a page from Delores’ book – believe in yourself, stay strong in your convictions, and spread kindness whenever you can. You have the power to change lives.

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