Oxx Venture Capital: A Leader in Fintech Investing

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You’ve probably heard about the rise of fintech and how it’s disrupting traditional banking and financial services. What you may not realize is that behind these innovative fintech startups are venture capital firms betting big on the future of finance. One of the leaders in fintech investing is Oxx Venture Capital. For over a decade, Oxx has invested in fintech companies across the globe, backing everything from digital banking to blockchain startups. If there’s an exciting new area of fintech, chances are Oxx has a stake in it.

Oxx was founded in 2008, right as the global financial crisis was unfolding, by partners with decades of experience in finance and technology. They believed that fintech would transform financial services in the coming decades. Today, Oxx manages over $2 billion in assets, backing fintech unicorns and disruptors in the US, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. If you’re curious to see what the future of finance may hold, Oxx is a good place to start.

Oxx Venture Capital: Investing in the Future of Finance

Oxx Venture Capital is a leader in fintech investing, providing seed funding and support to innovative startups aiming to transform finance. Since 2010, Oxx VC has invested in over 50 fintech companies across the globe.

Oxx VC looks for founders with bold visions for improving how we save, spend, invest, lend, borrow, and transfer money. Some of their portfolio companies are harnessing AI and machine learning to provide hyper-personalized banking experiences. Others are using blockchain to make payments faster and more secure.

A Track Record of Success

Oxx VC has a proven track record of success. Some of their most successful investments include:

  • Chime, now valued at over $14.5 billion, is a mobile banking app with no hidden fees.
  • TransferWise, valued at $5 billion, allows people to send money internationally at a fraction of the usual cost.
  • Credit Karma, acquired for $7.1 billion, provides free credit scores, reports, and monitoring.

The partners at Oxx VC, with decades of experience in finance and technology, provide strategic guidance to help their portfolio companies thrive. They connect founders with an unparalleled network of experts and potential partners. And they have the capital to back companies through multiple funding rounds as they scale.

With a passion for improving lives through innovation, Oxx VC invests in the entrepreneurs and technologies that will shape the future of finance. If you have an idea that could transform how people borrow, save, spend, or transfer money, Oxx VC wants to hear from you. The future of finance starts here.

Oxx’s Focus on Fintech: Why Financial Technology Is the Future

Oxx Venture Capital is leading the way in fintech investing. They focus on emerging financial technology companies aiming to revolutionize the finance industry.

Oxx knows fintech is the future. More and more people are using digital tools for banking, investing, insurance, and payments. Fintech makes these services faster, easier, and more accessible. Some examples of fintech Oxx invests in include:

  • Digital banks: Apps like Chime and Varo provide mobile banking without the fees or hassle of a traditional bank.
  • Robo-advisors: Services such as Betterment and Wealthfront that use algorithms to automatically invest your money based on your goals.
  • Crowdfunding: Platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo allow people to raise money for projects and businesses.
  • Digital payments: Companies such as Stripe, PayPal, and Square facilitate online payments and e-commerce.

Oxx believes fintech will fundamentally transform finance. Traditional banks and financial firms will have to adapt to keep up. Oxx’s investments in innovative fintech companies around the world position them to lead this transformation.

If you’re an entrepreneur revolutionizing the world of finance, Oxx wants to hear from you. They look for companies with a vision for how fintech can improve people’s lives, not just make money. Oxx provides funding and guidance to help fintech startups thrive.

The future of finance is digital, and Oxx Venture Capital is helping build that future. Their fintech focus and global reach give them keen insight into the technologies and companies that will shape how we bank, invest, and pay for decades to come.

Notable Fintech Startups in Oxx’s Portfolio

Oxx Venture Capital has invested in some of the most innovative fintech startups. Here are a few notable companies in their portfolio:

  • Robinhood: The popular stock trading app that allows customers to buy and sell stocks, options, ETFs, and cryptocurrency commission-free. Robinhood disrupted the brokerage industry with its free trading model.
  • Affirm: A leader in the buy now, pay later space. Affirm offers installment loans to consumers to purchase goods and services from select merchants. With Affirm, customers can pay for purchases over 3, 6, or 12 months with interest-free payments.
  • Credit Karma: The free credit monitoring service that provides credit scores, reports, and monitoring. Credit Karma helps customers check their credit scores and credit reports as often as they like to monitor for signs of fraud or identity theft. They offer tailored recommendations to help improve credit over time.
  • Plaid: An infrastructure company that enables fintech apps like Venmo, Coinbase, and Expensify to connect with users’ bank accounts. Plaid’s API allows developers to access financial data to build innovative apps and services. They handle billions of API calls per year from thousands of fintech companies.
  • TransferWise: An international money transfer service that allows customers to send money abroad with minimal fees. TransferWise bypasses expensive wire transfers from banks by using a peer-to-peer model to match people sending money with those receiving funds. This disintermediation results in fast, low-cost global money transfers for consumers and businesses alike.

Oxx Venture Capital continues to invest in up-and-coming fintech startups that are transforming financial services. With their expertise and guidance, Oxx helps portfolio companies scale into industry leaders.

Oxx’s Unique Value Proposition: More Than Just Money

Oxx Venture Capital provides more than just funding to its portfolio companies. As a leader in fintech investing, Oxx offers valuable strategic guidance and connections to help its companies thrive.

Oxx has a proven track record of success in the fintech space. Since its founding in 2008, Oxx has invested in over 50 fintech startups, many of which have gone on to become industry leaders or be acquired by major players. With over $2 billion in assets under management, Oxx is one of the most active venture capital firms focused on financial technology.

Beyond capital, Oxx provides its portfolio companies with strategic support and access to resources to accelerate growth. Oxx partners have decades of experience in the fintech sector and work closely with management teams to help navigate key business decisions. Oxx also provides connections to leading banks, payment networks, and other strategic partners to open doors and form key partnerships.

Oxx’s global network and insight into regional fintech trends provide a competitive advantage. With offices in San Francisco, New York, London, and Shanghai, Oxx has a pulse on fintech innovation happening worldwide. Oxx can spot emerging technologies and business models that have the potential to scale globally. This global perspective helps Oxx’s portfolio companies as they look to expand into new markets.

In summary, Oxx Venture Capital offers fintech startups more than just funding. Through strategic guidance, connections, and global expertise, Oxx provides the resources and support to help its portfolio companies reach the next stage of growth. This combination of capital and value-added resources has cemented Oxx’s status as a leader in fintech venture capital.

The Vision Behind Oxx Venture Capital

Oxx Venture Capital was founded in 2015 by Alex J. Stevenson and Christine K. Brown with the vision of investing in fintech startups that are transforming financial services and how people access and manage their money. They saw an opportunity to support innovative companies that were leveraging technology to provide better solutions for payments, lending, investing, insurance, banking, and more.

Oxx VC has a forward-thinking mindset. They want to back entrepreneurs who have the potential to build companies that reshape the financial landscape. As fintech continues to evolve at a rapid pace, Oxx aims to partner with startups that will define the future of financial technology and make finance more accessible and affordable for all.

\n\n### Investing in The Future of Finance

Oxx VC focuses on early-stage startups, typically investing once a company has launched a product and shown initial signs of traction. They provide seed funding and Series A financing to help young companies scale and reach key milestones. Some of their investments to date include:

  • Chime, is a mobile banking app with no hidden fees. Oxx invested in their Series A and B rounds.
  • Sofi is an online personal finance company. Oxx invested in their Series B and C rounds.
  • Gusto is a people platform for small businesses. Oxx invested in their Series A and B rounds.

The partners at Oxx VC take an active role with portfolio companies, providing guidance on strategy, hiring key executives, partnerships, and more. They leverage their experience and networks to help founders accelerate growth.

Oxx VC is headquartered in San Francisco, California, an epicenter of fintech innovation. From there, the firm has a panoramic view of trends in the sector and exposure to promising new startups.

Oxx VC is poised to continue supporting visionary founders who are improving the financial system. By backing startups that provide greater access to services, reduce costs, and build solutions centered around the consumer, Oxx aims to invest in the future of finance for all.


So there you have it, an inside look at the innovative and disruptive fintech companies that Oxx Venture Capital is investing in. They’re helping startups build the future of finance and banking, while also generating impressive returns for their investors. If you’re an entrepreneur with a vision for how to improve financial services, Oxx would be an ideal partner. And if you’re an investor looking for exposure to the fintech space, Oxx should be on your radar. They have the experience, network, and eye for talent to continue backing winners. Finance may be an old industry, but with venture capital firms like Oxx supporting startups, it’ll be at the cutting edge of innovation for years to come. The future of fintech is bright, thanks in large part to the work Oxx is doing behind the scenes.

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