10 Creative Ways to Use Poster Board

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Ever find yourself with a stack of poster board and no idea what to do with it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Poster board is incredibly versatile and useful for all kinds of crafts and projects. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or just feeling crafty, these 10 creative ways to use poster board are sure to inspire.

From homemade signage to kid’s crafts and everything in between, poster board is a blank canvas waiting to be transformed into something spectacular. Grab your scissors, markers, glue and whatever else fuels your creativity – it’s time to put that poster board to good use. With a little imagination, you’ll be creating in no time. Let’s get started!

Create DIY Signs and Banners

DIY signs and banners are some of the easiest and most fun projects you can do with poster board. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

-Welcome signs: Create a custom welcome sign for your front door or entryway. You can paint or stencil letters on the poster board and decorate it however you like. These make a great first impression and add curb appeal.

-Birthday banners: Nothing says “happy birthday” like a handmade banner. Use stencils or freehand letters to spell out “happy birthday” or the name of the birthday boy or girl. You can string the banner up with ribbon, twine or string.

-Event posters: Promoting a school event, fundraiser or community gathering? Poster board is perfect for creating eye-catching event posters to hang up around town. Include all the important info like date, time, location in large text so people passing by can easily see the details.

  • Protest signs: Exercising your right to free speech? Poster board protest signs are a time-honored tradition. Paint or stencil slogans and mottos to raise awareness for your cause.
  • Kids’ projects: Poster board is ideal for school projects and crafts. Kids can make collages, diagrams, maps, book reports or whatever their imagination comes up with. The blank canvas inspires creativity.

With some paints, stencils, stickers or your own hand lettering, you can create custom signs, banners, posters or whatever you need. And the best part? Poster board is totally affordable, reusable and recyclable. Get creative and happy crafting!

Make Collages and Vision Boards

Making collages and vision boards is a fun, creative way to use poster board.

  • Gather materials. You’ll want to collect magazines, newspapers, photos, fabric, ribbons, glue, scissors, and any other items you want to use.
  • Come up with a theme or vision. Do you want to make a collage of your dream vacation? A vision board for your goals and dreams? A creative portrait? Choose a theme to get started.
  • Start cutting and arranging. Flip through your materials and cut out anything that catches your eye or inspires you. Start arranging the pieces on your poster board. Play around with different layouts and groupings until you like the overall design.
  • Glue it all down. Once you have all your pieces where you want them, glue each item in place, one by one. Apply firm pressure for 30 seconds as you go to ensure everything sticks properly.
  • Add embellishments. Ribbons, string, sequins, tiny objects, or anything else can help bring your creation to life. Glue on any final touches that complement your collage or vision board.
  • Display your masterpiece! Frame your poster board or simply lean it against a wall in your room. Looking at it will keep you motivated and focused on your goals or dreams. Your collage can be a great conversation piece when you have friends over, too!

Making vision boards and collages is an enjoyable project for people of all ages and abilities. So tap into your creativity, gather some materials, and start crafting your poster board into something inspiring and one-of-a-kind. The possibilities are endless!

Design Backdrops for Photos

Large Sheets for Seamless Backdrops

Poster board comes in a variety of sizes, from small 22 x 28 inches up to enormous 4 x 8 feet sheets. For photo backdrops, bigger is better. Look for sizes 3 x 4 feet or larger. These oversized sheets allow you to create seamless backdrops for portrait photography. No need to piece together smaller sheets or worry about visible seams in your photos.

Customize the Color

Plain white poster board works in a pinch, but for more dramatic effects, choose colored sheets. Pick a color that complements your subject’s outfit or skin tone. Blue and green shades work well for outdoor nature shoots. Red and burgundy add warmth for indoor portraits. Black is a bold choice that really makes subjects pop. You can also get creative and paint or stencil designs and patterns on white poster board to make DIY patterned backdrops.

Prop Up and Curve the Sheet

To make the sheet stand upright, mount it to a wall using removable double-sided tape, low-tack painter’s tape or poster putty. Or get a large tripod or backdrop stand to prop it up. Secure the top edge of the sheet to the wall or stand, letting the rest drape down. For extra drama, curve the sheet inward to frame your subject in a subtle “C” shape. The inward curve also helps avoid a “flat” and uninteresting look in photos.

Light It Up

Proper lighting is key to photos with any backdrop. Place two studio lights or lamp lights on either side of the sheet, angled in toward the center. This provides even lighting and prevents shadows. For more dramatic shots, try positioning one light directly in front of the sheet. The shadow created behind the subject can add an artistic touch. Always do some test shots first to ensure the lighting is balanced and flattering before shooting your final portraits.

With some simple styling tricks, a standard poster board backdrop can take your DIY photos to the next level. Large sheets, bold colors and creative lighting are all you need to craft magazine-worthy portraits at home. Give it a try—your subjects will love the results!

Build Models and Prototypes

Poster board isn’t just for school projects. This versatile material has many creative uses for hobbyists, crafters, and DIYers. One of the most useful ways to utilize poster board is to build prototypes and models.

Create Stencils and Patterns

Use poster board to make reusable stencils, patterns, and templates for your projects. Carefully cut out shapes and designs to use as guides for painting, sewing, woodworking, and more. Poster board works great for this because it’s easy to cut but still durable.

Mock Up Furniture Arrangements

If you’re redecorating a space, use poster board to create rough models of furniture to the same scale. Cut out shapes to represent items like couches, chairs, tables, and shelving units. Arrange the pieces on the floor to try out different layouts and see how much space is left for walking paths and additional décor. This helps ensure your new furniture will fit properly before you move everything around or make pricey purchases.

Design Backdrops and Sets

For photography or video, use poster board to construct simple backdrops and sets. Prop up the poster board against a wall or other vertical surface. You can paint the poster board, adhere fabric or paper, or collage multiple pieces together. Get creative with shapes, textures, and colors. Poster board sets and backdrops are an inexpensive alternative to more complex studio equipment.

Prototype Packaging Design

If you make products to sell, use poster board to create mockups of potential packaging options. Sketch your ideas on the poster board, then cut and assemble into simple box, bottle, or bag shapes. Evaluate how well your designs showcase the product, how much space they take up, and how easy they are to open or close. Making full-scale models out of poster board allows you to identify any issues before finalizing the design and producing expensive printing plates or molds.

Poster board is extremely useful for testing designs and concepts without a major time or financial investment. Building simple prototypes and models is a great way to work through ideas, evaluate options, and make improvements before committing to a final version. Let your creativity flow, and see where poster board can take your next project!

Poster Board Art Projects

Poster board isn’t just for school projects. This versatile material has many creative uses for art and DIY projects. Here are a few poster board art projects to inspire your creativity.


A collage is a fun, open-ended project. Gather images, fabric, ribbon, string, or other found objects and glue them onto your poster board. Arrange the pieces in an interesting composition, overlapping and layering as desired. Seal your collage with decoupage medium or spray sealant for protection.


Create your own stencils by cutting shapes out of poster board or plastic sheeting. Place the stencil on your poster board and apply spray paint, chalk, or fabric paint over the top. Carefully lift the stencil to reveal your design. Stenciling works well for geometric shapes, letters, and simple line drawings. You can also layer multiple stencils to create more complex patterns.

Dream boards

A dream board is a visual representation of your goals and dreams. Cut out or print images, photos, and words that inspire you and glue them onto your poster board. Arrange the pieces in a creative way, grouping similar images together. A dream board is a great motivational tool to keep your goals in focus.


Create dramatic silhouettes by tracing shadows or outlines of objects. Have a friend trace your profile or trace around leaves, small toys, or other found objects. Carefully cut out the silhouettes and glue them onto a contrasting colored poster board. You can also paint or stencil in details to enhance your silhouettes.


Turn small pieces of paper, fabric, ribbon, string, or other supplies into a mosaic work of art. Glue the pieces onto your poster board one by one until you’ve filled in your desired shape or pattern. Mosaics are a satisfying, meditative project and the end results are often stunning. Consider a mosaic sun, moon, heart, or freeform shape.

With some basic supplies and creativity, you can turn ordinary poster board into a unique work of art. Gather inspiration from around you and don’t be afraid to experiment—you might create something amazing!


So there you have it, 10 creative ways to use poster board for your next project or event. Poster board is an inexpensive material that’s perfect for crafts, decorations, and so much more. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, student or hobbyist, these ideas can inspire you to think outside the box and tap into your creative side. Now go forth and get crafty! Round up some supplies, crank up the tunes, and spend an afternoon bringing some of these poster board projects to life. Your space will be brighter, your life enriched, and you’ll have discovered a fun new outlet for your imagination.


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