The Rise and Fall of Adrien Rabiot: A Story of Talent, Turmoil, and Triumphs

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The Rise and Fall of Adrien Rabiot: A Story of Talent, Turmoil, and Triumphs

Adrien Rabiot’s rise to fame in the world of football was meteoric. He entered the game as a young and promising talent, quickly catching the attention of top clubs with his impressive skills on the field. After several successful seasons at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and earning a place in the French national team, it seemed like there was no stopping this rising star. Yet, despite all his triumphs, Adrien Rabiot’s career took an unexpected turn that left many wondering what went wrong. In this blog post, we delve into Adrien Rabiot’s story: from his early years to his fall from grace and everything in between.

Adrien Rabiot’s Early Life and Career

Adrien Rabiot was born on April 3, 1995, in Saint-Maurice, France. Growing up in a family of footballers, it’s no surprise that he developed an early passion for the sport. His mother played for the French women’s national team and his father worked as a coach.

Rabiot began his youth career at Creteil before moving to Pau where he caught the attention of several scouts. At just 15 years old, he signed with Manchester City but later returned to France to join PSG’s academy.

It didn’t take long for Rabiot to make a name for himself at PSG. In 2012, he made his professional debut against Bordeaux and quickly became known for his technical skills and composure on the ball.

Despite being just 17 years old at the time, Rabiot earned regular playing time under then-manager Carlo Ancelotti and helped PSG win their first Ligue 1 title in over a decade.

Rabiot continued to impress in subsequent seasons under different managers such as Laurent Blanc and Unai Emery before eventually leaving PSG after rejecting contract renewals amidst turmoil between him and management over game-time guarantees.

The Lille Years

During his teenage years, Adrien Rabiot joined the youth academy of Lille OSC. He quickly made an impression with his technical skills and vision on the pitch.

Rabiot’s talent earned him his first professional contract at 17-years-old. He made his debut for Lille in a Coupe de la Ligue match against Saint-Etienne in October 2012.

Despite being just a teenager, Rabiot played with maturity beyond his years during his time at Lille. He showcased exceptional ball control and ability to pick out teammates with pinpoint passes.

However, despite impressing in flashes for Les Dogues, Rabiot struggled to establish himself as a regular starter under then-manager Rudi Garcia. The lack of game time prompted the young midfielder to seek opportunities elsewhere.

After two seasons at Lille, Adrien Rabiot left the club having made only 23 appearances across all competitions. While he may not have shone as brightly as he would later do at PSG and Juventus, it was clear that he possessed immense talent that needed nurturing and development – something that would happen when he moved to Paris Saint-Germain next.

PSG and the French National Team

Adrien Rabiot’s stint with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) was nothing short of impressive. He made his debut for the club in 2012 and became a regular member of the squad by the 2013-14 season. His excellent performances helped PSG win four consecutive Ligue 1 titles from 2014 to 2018.

Rabiot also earned several call-ups to the French national team, making his debut in November 2016 against Ivory Coast. He was part of France’s squad that reached the quarterfinals at Euro 2020, where he played an instrumental role in their victory over Argentina.

However, things started to sour between Rabiot and PSG when he refused to sign a contract extension with them in December 2018. This led to him being frozen out of the first-team squad for several months before being loaned out to Juventus.

Despite his turbulent exit from PSG, there is no denying that Adrien Rabiot remains one of France’s most talented midfielders. His versatility, technical ability and work rate make him an asset for any team he plays for. It will be interesting to see what lies ahead for this enigmatic talent as he continues on his footballing journey.

The Juventus Years

After a successful stint at PSG, Adrien Rabiot joined Juventus in July 2019. His signing was seen as a major coup by the Italian club, who were looking to strengthen their midfield.

Rabiot’s time at Juventus got off to a slow start as he struggled for game time under Maurizio Sarri. However, he gradually began to find his feet and started contributing more regularly.

One of Rabiot’s standout performances came in the Champions League round of 16 tie against Lyon. He scored an important goal in the second leg but it wasn’t enough as Juventus crashed out on away goals.

Despite some impressive displays, Rabiot has not been able to establish himself as a regular starter at Juve. The arrival of Arthur Melo from Barcelona has added further competition in midfield and Rabiot will need to step up his game if he wants to retain his place in the team.

There have also been reports of tension between Rabiot and manager Andrea Pirlo over tactics and playing style. It remains to be seen how this situation will play out but one thing is for sure – Rabiot still has plenty to prove during his time at Juventus.

The Fall of Adrien Rabiot

Despite his immense talent and early success, Adrien Rabiot’s career took a sharp turn for the worse in recent years. In 2019, he was suspended by PSG for refusing to be on the standby list for the French national team at the World Cup. This decision led to him being ostracized from both club and country.

Rabiot then signed with Juventus but struggled to make an impact on the pitch. He often found himself benched or left out of matchday squads altogether. His attitude also reportedly caused issues within the squad, further damaging his reputation.

In addition to his struggles on the field, Rabiot has faced personal challenges off it as well. His mother and agent Veronique played a controversial role in negotiations with clubs and created tension between her son and potential suitors.

Rabiot’s fall highlights how important attitude can be in determining success at the highest levels of professional sports. Talent alone is not enough; players must also have discipline, professionalism, and respect for their teams and colleagues if they want to succeed over time.


Adrien Rabiot’s story is one of talent, turmoil, and triumphs. From his early years in France to playing for the biggest clubs in Europe, Rabiot has shown that he has what it takes to be a top midfielder.

With his skill on the ball, vision for the game, and ability to score goals from midfield, it’s no wonder why teams like PSG and Juventus were willing to pay top dollar for him.

However, despite all of his successes on the field, Adrien Rabiot has also faced challenges off of it. His difficult relationship with former PSG coach Thomas Tuchel and refusal to be placed on France’s reserve list for the 2018 World Cup showed that he can be a complex character.

But as we’ve seen throughout this article, Adrien Rabiot always manages to bounce back. Whether he’s proving critics wrong with impressive performances or earning call-ups to Les Bleus once again after being left out in the cold before Euro 2020.

It remains unclear what will happen next in Adrien Rabiot’s career – will he continue at Juventus or move onto another club? But one thing is certain: wherever he goes next, we’ll be watching closely as this talented midfielder continues his journey towards greatness.

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